Start with the Basics

At Cayman Code Academy, we believe in starting with the right foundation. Our 100-level courses introduce beginners to the world of cybersecurity operations, from basic IT hardware and software skills to the many career paths available to cybersecurity professionals.

All classes in the 100 level are beginner-friendly, with every student starting at the same point—no prerequisites or previous experience required. If you’re exploring the potential of a career in ops, preparing for our Ops 201 course, or just need a basic understanding cybersecurity, we've got you covered.

explore cybersecurity

Ops 101: Explore Cybersecurity

Considering a career in cybersecurity? Start here! In this one-day workshop, you will experience the all-new Cayman Code Academy cybersecurity program, learn how to protect yourself against cybercrime, and explore various cybersecurity career paths.

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computer ops

Ops 102: Intro to Computer Operations

If you’re new to configuring computers, complete Ops 102 to get an introduction to how computers work! Learn system interfaces, identify and install hardware components, and practice deploying Windows and Linux operating systems to build foundational skills that will kickstart your career in technical operations.

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