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Is programming right for me?

Code 101: In this one-day workshop, you'll learn what it looks like to be a software developer through a day-long immersive course for beginners that focuses on front-end web development technologies.

Code 102: If you’re ready to get unstuck and move beyond the concepts covered in Code 101, come work with experienced developers who can help guide you through your learning. You’ll receive 30 hours of instruction as you blast through the prework for Code 201, while getting a tour of the tools and techniques of modern developers.

Learn to Code

Code 201: Get used to writing syntax and pushing code as you learn the basics of web development through HTML, CSS, Javascript, and the tools and best practices used by software developers around the world.

Code 301: What’s the technology behind launching a web app and working with a software development team? In this course, you will go beyond HTML, CSS, and JavaScript syntax and learn how to launch a web app, collaborate on projects, use advanced frameworks and libraries, and work with basic algorithms and data structures.

Code 201

Foundations of Software Development

Get training that will prepare you for an internship at a tech company or our Code 301 course.

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Code 301

Intermediate Software Development

Become a web producer, product manager, or entry-level website builder, or continue on into a Code 401 course.

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Code 401

Advanced Software Development

Get advanced training in a specific programming language and land a high-paying job in the industry.

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Become a Professional Developer

Code 401: These are the most intense courses offered at Cayman Code Academy(CCA). Students come in with various backgrounds and leave with the training and skills they need to excel as professional software developers. To test straight into Code 401, students will need previous experience in software development, whether through CCA courses, self-study, previous education, or on-the-job training.